Homemade Catfish Bait Recipe Tips

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Homemade Catfish Bait

There are so many homemade catfish bait ingredients and recipes online.  I’ve read many and combined them and mixed them to make some great varieties of homemade catfish bait balls and concoctions.  I will write about the here as time goes on, but today I’d like to list some great ones that people have found success in using.

Many of the catfish bait recipes out there share similar items of ingredients that make them up like chicken livers and anise oil.  Also, Catfish love Garlic, so make sure to put a little garlic on anything you make.  Catfish seem to love these ingredients in the bait used to catch them.  As for meat, the classic ones are hotdogs, chicken livers (mentioned before), and just plain old meat fat.  So how do you make your own homemade catfish bait?

[From whiskerkitty.com]

JUGGS DAVIS CATFISH STINK BAIT RECIPE - HOMEMADE CATFISH BAIT melt 1 lb. cheese for about 1 min. in microwave then chop 6-8 oz. of raw pork, perch, or both in combination. chop 1 head of garlic and add garlic salt, mix in 1 can dog food, add 1 dozen minnows and enough flour to give a dough consistency. Mix in a food processor. this bait works best on treble hooks or bait tubes.   CAJUN MUD CATFISH BAIT RECIPE in a blender mix 24 bad minners, and 1/4 C of the juice they was in along with 1/2 Cup parmesean cheese, 1 box cherry jello 1/4 C molasses, 3 Tablespoons of onion salt and garlic salt, 1 cup bread crumbs, 3 Tablespoons of soy sauce, add flour to thicken then work into a dough and place in baggies in 1 inch balls use on a treble hook.

TRINITY RIVER CATFISH BAIT RECIPE In 1/4 cup boiling water add 3 beef bullion cubes. after they disolve add 3 oz lunch meat, and 3 Tablespoons of garlic salt and onion powder, 5 slices of bread, 4 Tablespoons of of melted peanut butter, 20 crackers. POut it in a blender and mix. place in sealabel container in a cool place with lid on tight. Use as a ball on treble hook.

JACKS CAT ATTACK CATFISH BAIT RECIPE mix 1 lb of aged in the sun chicken livers and 1 package of hot dogs together in a blender and mix. This may be best performed outside or with wife gone. In a gallon jug place a half a loaf of bread torn into bite size pieces, pour the liver and and hot dog mix over it. add 2 cans of nacho cheese, 1 can corn, 1/4 bottle of Tabasco,and a dozen worms cut up, to the mix. next get rubber gloves and pour this mixture out and knead good until it gets thick and a dough like consistency. Store in the sun, in a large plastic container, and handle with care.

[From askcatfishing.com]

…Anything with melted cheese works really well. Melt some cheese in the microwave and mix it with either raw meat (raw pork stays on the line best and cats really go for it) or bait fish. Some anglers use cheese by itself, but mix it with something else and you’ll have a great homemade bait recipe. Another thing to mix into your homemade bait is a touch of garlic. Catfish can smell garlic miles away. You can put a dab of garlic on whatever kind of bait you are using, but it works best with some kind of live bait. Ketchup also works well. Some anglers I’ve known have created their own rice and cheese balls with ketchup smeared or mixed in…

As you can see, there are many types of homemade Catfish Bait recipes.  Either buy some great bait online or combine them and make your own like I do!  Happy Catfish fishing and share your bait with me and let me know what works as Catfish Bait!

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